Saturday, March 12, 2016

ICAD Revisited : CREATE 'Til Your Heart's Content!

Sharing another of my ICAD self-challenge from 2014. This one was created using one of my favorite art supplies - Faber Castell GELATOs! LOVE the creamy colors. I love adding them with my fingers!

"CREATE 'til your heart's content!"

Hope you enjoy this short video -

                                                    ICAD 023 by Shelley Graham Turner

Monday, February 29, 2016

ICAD Revisited: "Eye Can't Sleep"

The latest trend seems to be COLORING. Well, I'm not really much good with the markers and pencils. Staying in the lines is something I have NEVER been good at!  But, I CAN do a little something with the gelatos and other mixed media art supplies.

Check out what I do with this eye... it was kind of a fun exercise for me!

Do you color?

Friday, February 26, 2016

ICAD Revisted: "Happy"

Thought I'd revisit my self-challenge from 2014, and take you along.

 I grew so much as I let myself go! A small index card sized piece of art was just enough without being overwhelming.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Coming Soon to My New Studio...Oh! Did I Tell You About My New Studio Space?!!

Oh my gosh, here I am ready to announce happenings at my studio and I haven't really even told you ABOUT the new studio space!

Well in late August I had decided to just put it out there. I posted on Facebook my hopes and dreams for a studio space. A space outside my home. A place with room to hold workshops. A space that could be used as both gallery and retail, too. That was late August.

I contacted a local artist about an idea I had - to create a artist coop. She wanted to hear more so I stopped by her gallery for a visit. One thing led to another and before I realized it, my dream took shape! 

I am happy to announce that as of September 1st I am now sharing space at Studio PK101, located at 1247 Erie Blvd. West in Rome, NY. 

My new partner is artist
Dawn Farrar, owner of Studio PK101. Our place is mainly a gallery space which also houses classroom space, a private gallery for solo artist exhibits, and retail space, too! 

Here are a few photos:

A few of my paintings were added.

enclosed classroom

retail space (Dawn carries Golden products!!)

I even have an area in the back room where I can paint!

So now my living room has changed! LOL

BEFORE       vs       AFTER

So that's my news! I am still working out what it is that I really want to accomplish. It all happened so fast. So much to think about!

The one thing I KNOW I want to do is to offer workshops. My first one will be sort of like those classes that are trending right now - Wine and painting with friends. I call it "WINE & ROSES".

Mine, however, will be a mixed media painting workshop. Yes, we will gear towards a girls' night out where you can drink wine and eat amazing munchies (prepared by the our chef, Melvin!) but where it differs is that the participants are able to go their own way, if they so choose. This means not everyone's artwork will look exactly the same (unless that's what they want). Everyone will be given the steps they need to follow, but can choose their own color palette and the selection of flowers in their bouquet. I am hoping it will be fun for all. Everyone goes home with an amazing piece of art as well having learned a few mixed media techniques!

Soon I will be offering this same workshop ONLINE. If you would like to be kept up to date on future workshops be sure to join my mailing list. CLICK HERE to JOIN Mailing List.

Until next time,

Monday, September 7, 2015

September's Solo Exhibit at the Studio: Tom Townsley

Tom Townsley

This month's solo exhibit at Studio PK101 is Tom Townsley! 

Tom Townsley is an artist of many talents.  Besides being well-known as a phenomenal Blues artist and the host of "The Sunday Night Blues Show" on WAER-FM (Syracuse,NY), Tom is also a painter as well as a writer. 

His solo exhibit being shown this month at Studio PK101 is an outstanding abstract series and is titled, " Excavations". 
Tom says -
"For me, each canvas becomes, in the process of working, like an excavation site. Whether I'm painting an abstract piece or portrait, I try to unearth something hidden in both the subject matter and myself."

The exhibit can be seen through September 27, 2015 at Studio PK101*. There is a reading of Tom's new work from "Reading the Empty Page" on Weds. September 16 at 7pm. 

Want to know more about the many talents of Tom Townsley? 

* See him in action on Youtube
"Shake Your Bootie"
* You can find him on Facebook Thomas Townsley  
* There is an excellent interview over at Blues Gr.

* Studio PK101 - 1247 Erie Blvd. West, Rome NY. Hours are Monday and Friday 10-5pm and Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm.

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